Aloft On Demand FAQ

Do I need any previous circus experience?

  • Most of our classes are designed for all levels and are based in the fundamental skills of circus--strength and flexibility. Anyone can train like a circus artist, even if you never have before! Our classes might reference circus terminology, or give tips and tricks for translating the “on the ground” knowledge to a circus practice, but if you’re just in it for the splits and abs, you’ll still get a lot out of it. Plus...maybe you’ll get circus-curious! Some classe might be more specific to circus arts, but who doesn’t want to know how to apply amazing stage makeup or tie secure knots, really.

What types of classes are we talking here?

  • Our classes are intended to help you train like a circus artist would so they will include things like strength (pull up bar and body weight, for example), flexibility (particularly legs and back), stabilization (keeping your hips and shoulders healthy--especially your rotator cuffs), technique (handstands, juggling, acro, Straps Conditioning with TRX, pole dance fundamentals), dance for circus artists (ballet fundamentals), parent/child classes, quick break classes (sooo many zoom meetings--must jump up and down), and more. Plus, we will occasionally be including non-physical classes like Stage Makeup, Rigging, Costume Design, Contract Writing and more! Every week we add more classes you’ll always find something new and exciting.

What ages are the classes good for?

  • All ages are welcome to take our classes. We will have some classes appropriate for younger kids, too, like parent/tot classes. Teens can take our regular classes at their parent’s discretion.

What kind of equipment do I need?

  • It depends on the class, really. Most classes can be done with things you have around the house! A yoga strap can just be a belt or scarf. Blocks can be a few books. Weights? A couple cans of soup will do you good! Slider plates are just a fancy name for socks and a smooth floor. A small percentage of our classes will require more specific equipment like a dance pole, pull up bar or TRX straps.

Should I get a subscription or pay per class or series?

  • Oh bae, only you can decide that for yourself. Get a subscription if a lot of the classes excite and interest you! Pay by the class or series if you are looking for something more specific like Dance pole or parent/kid classes.

How much space do I need?

  • Not a lot! Room to lay out a yoga mat with a few feet on either side should suffice for most classes.

But, can’t I just get free workouts on Youtube?

  • Yup. You can. But more and more people are switching to a paid subscription model because the advertising revenue on youtube is just...sad. If you really want to support the arts and your favorite circus company and artists during this time, it’s only right to pay for your content. That way, when real life comes back again, we can all train together in person again. And you’ll be confident in knowing that you helped make that happen. Thank you for your support.